Best Cannabis Recipes

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Ladies, find out how to make healthy cannabis cookies, cannabis oil, caramels or brownies with these easy cannabis recipes from all over the world. We have made you a selection of Cannabis Chefs that will defnitely inspire you.

Lets start with Wake and Bake from Corinne: You can download a free Ebook

Corinne is a Functional Cannabis Coach, Mom, Author and the Lead Cannabis Business Coach and Founder of the Functional Cannabis Coaching Institute:

"I LOVE all things cannabis science, transformation, wellness and coaching.
As a Functional Cannabis Coach, I helped my clients navigate the sometimes sticky world of using cannabis effectively while incorporating healing techniques that focused on bringing their bodies and lives back into balance!"

Cannabis butter is the basic ingrediënt for almost all Cannabis recipes. Here you can find out how to make this delicious Cannabutter

How to Make CannaButter

CannaButter Recipe from The Magical Butter Machine manual.


Butter (Room Temperature or Melted):  2-5 cupsDecarboxylated Cannabis:  1/4 oz – 1/2 oz for each cup of butterSunflower Lecithin:  1 Tablespoon for each cup of butter


Dump ingredients into cannabutter machine.Press “Temperature” Button to select 160 degrees.Press the “2-Hour/Butter” Button.

Easy 1-2-3

That’s it.  Two hours later, pour into the included strainer and the magical butter is ready for eating, baking, or medicating.