Best Stroopwafel in Amsterdam

Yes ladies, this is definitely our all time favorite. When visiting Amsterdam, please go and discover this typical Dutch Caramel Cookie ( In Dutch it's called Stroopwafel. ) at van Wonderen. (Unfortunately you can't buy these online yet, but you can buy at:

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

Kalverstraat 190 1012 XH Centrum Nederland )

A stroopwafel is a biscuit made of two thin layers of baked dough. Between these two layers, you will find a sweet syrup filling, which looks like caramel. The first stroopwafel was baked in the city of Gouda by Gerard Kamphuisen. The recipe is about 300 years old. Buy Dutch stroopwafels online at Real Dutch Food.

Ladies, these do not contain any cannabis. But here is some advice for having Cannabis Sroopwafels: buy your stroopwafels online at Real Dutch Food and make your own Canna Chocolate fondue. You can order cannabis infused Chocolate only in the USA and Canada. Sorry Dutchies, not yet. But you can make it yourself if you find out how to bake


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