Legalize cannabis

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Ladies, at this moment there is a Reefer Madness in Dutch Parliament. We believe that the current Cannabis policy harms our health. The Dutch government needs to Legalize cannabis. Our mission is to start up the Lady Joint Grow community. A biological farming technique for growing your own plants.

We as a consumer can't check out how and under what circumstances our cannabis we buy in the coffeeshop is produced. Because we have a backdoor policy (production is strictly prohibited) you can't control the producer. So you are not aware of all the pesticides used while growing.

We need quality cannabis, not cannabis just made to meet quantity. We are after greatness, not after the money. This is also why we have started this Lady Joint community, to provide you with information about how to home grow your own Cannabis (5 plants in the Netherlands is allowed)

Watch the video concerning the current cutivation status in The Netherlands. Help us grow your own. If you want to grow your own, please read Blogpost grow 'your own'.


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