Updated: Jan 8, 2019

What does it mean to be High or Stoned. Well, there is a difference. It all starts with the cannabis you choose. When we are feeling high in the mind, it means you are energetic, you are laughing, dancing, you want to chit chat with others or you want to be creative. If we talk about getting stoned, we mean the opposite. You especially feel it in your body. You want to relax, chill, and your body get's lazy. Stoned is the best feeling for people with physical pain and who are using cannabis as a pain reliever.

Next question, how to get High or Stoned? So let's say you want to hang out with your girls, the best option is to get high in mind. Because when you are high, you have fun about nothing. Stoned is something you need to do when you are in the Netflix mode, or at home to relax or to overthink issues (overthinking can kill happiness, so you are warned ;), or cuddling with the love of your life.

To the point: if you want to get high you need to choose the right kind of cannabis. There are two kind of cannabis: we have the Indica plant or the Sativa. So ladies, always choose Sativa for having fun during your high and Indica as a pain reliever or intimate sex stimulance.

We are not there yet, because if you choose Sativa to get high, there are a lot of different names, prices and quality. Know what you buy, however the best way is to homegrow your own cannabis. Unfortunately it is not that easy to grow your own and the cannabis plant is like a child, she needs a lot of care and understanding (read more about Grow Your Own in the next blog).

So if you are buying cannabis in a coffeeshop make sure you understand which type fits your character. You can choose between Sativa, Indica, Hybrid or Cali. Our favourites are (Super) Silver Haze and Strawberry Kush. They have a sweet taste and electric green color.

When it comes to choosing an Indica cannabis, please choose Strawberry Banana, Girl Scout cookies, or Northern Light.

In the next Blog we tell you all about where to buy the best quality Cannabis.


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