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This amazing windproof USB lighter is elegance for the eye and the high.


1. Advantage: easy to ignite

2. Safety: flameless,the lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery,no any fuil or gas required.

3. Market show:the lighter could be work under any weather condition,especially the wind day.

4. The lighter will cut off the power automatically when the battery is charging fully and one-time charging only takes <1hour.

5. Battery Capacity:220mah,Output:DC 5V1.0A

6. Working:the lighter can ignite about 4 packages cigarettes at one charge or 100-300times when fully-charge and it can also recharge about 500times.


Custom USB Windproof lighter



Lady Joint USB Lighter - Purple Rainbow & Rose Gold

SKU: LJLighter
€ 45,00Price
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