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About uS

This Lady Joint community provides you with information concerning the use of THC and CBD related products. We are located in The Netherlands.

Eat, Vape or Smoke?


We love to use the herb and we expect elegance for the eye and the high!


The fun doesn’t necessarily have to stop there!


"We believe that having fun or relaxation comes in different forms and can also be done with the use of cannabis".

We have an international network of ladies who like to use cannabis for recreational or medicinal use. We share their experiences and stories with our Vlog and Blog

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We hope to meet you soon! 
Let's connect, become a Lady Joint member AND HELP US GROW OUR OWN!

What we do?

  1. We provide our ladies with information about how to grow your own cannabis and how to use it.

  2. We know all the female-friendly hotspots in The Netherlands and we share our favorite Female friendly coffeeshop.

  3. We organize HIGH-Tea parties on a smoking boat or in our favorite lady friendly coffee shop

  4. We have a webshop where you can buy all your rolling equipment.

  5. We offer you a free 'what to do in The Netherlands when you are visiting. Meet us of course :)

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