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Secret Garden Amsterdam Cous Cous Club_e

"Be Careful,Cannabis may cause:

Intelligent Thought, Peacefulness, Bliss, Love, and the feeling of Oneness with your surroundings"

Soulful sunday

Every last Sunday of the month you are invited to join the Lady Joint High Tea Party in Amsterdam De Pijp. Our Host will guide you and serve you award winning CBD edibles and drinkables. You will meet other members and dive into a conversation about your soulful truth questions in life. Max 12 souls per event. Sit back, unwind, relax and celebrate the high life with Lady Joint. RSVP and book your seat at the table (180 minutes). Price 45,- Euro Including CBD High Tea Party: - Stroopwafel - Cotton Candy - Brownie - Chocolate Fruit Gummies - Chewing gum - Potatoe Rose - Unlimited Rose FlowerPower Tea - Luxury rolling equipment - Goodiebag Excluding Softdrinks

Please notice: we do not offer THC, you need to arrange this yourself. You can bring your own flowers and consume it during the event.


Do you have something special to celebrate? Book a CBD High Tea Party for max 12 persons at our private secret garden in Amsterdam de Pijp. Dutch and/or English. Eat me, drink me, lick me, inhale me, play, win and get on your bliss! Duration Standard - 120 Minutes 60 minutes more is 35,- Euro per person extra. Price private party Minimum of 6 persons 450,- Euro 50,- Euro extra per person with a maximun of 10 person Including CBD High Tea - Unlimited Tea - Stroopwafel - Cotton Candy - Lollypop - Chocolate - Brownie or Muffin - Rose Potatoe Excluding softdrinks and alcoholic beverages

Book Lady Joint party or RSVP for Soulful Sunday

Thanks for your request! We will contact you as soon as possible :)

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